On Behalf of the Executive Board and the 275 men and women of our Association I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our website.

Since 1919 our members have been proudly serving the citizens and community of Regina. Our mission is to prevent the loss of life and property through fire suppression and rescue, public education, inspection and prevention, training and communications.

Our members provide life safety and property conservation services to the public and in most cases are the default responders to any emergency the City of Regina and its citizens may encounter. From structure fires, hazardous material incidents, motor vehicle accidents, high angle rescue, building collapse, confined space rescue, water rescue, aircraft crash and rescue, natural disasters and emergency medical services, we are first to respond.

Our members take an oath to serve and protect when joining our Association which is an oath that we hold in high regard and with a dedicated commitment throughout our career.

Firefighting is a dangerous occupation and not without the risk of occupational injury and disease that is common in our profession. We take pride in delivering these services in a professional manner that includes training and education and a skill set that meets and most cases exceeds fire and protective service industry standards. 

Fire Fighters are very proud to be part of their community and you will see them donating their time and effort to numerous charities and events in our City.

We hope you will enjoy our website and look forward to you returning in the future.