Fire Fighting

Our members protect life and property by combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires.  Fire Fighters respond at any given notice more than 7,000 times each year to assist our community.  Fire Fighting involves extremely physical work as well as the skill to apply knowledge to work effectively as part of a team in dangerous emergency situations.  Fire Fighters are responsible for rapidly, efficiently and safely performing various duties under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable hazard.

We provide a variety of other specialized services beyond what is commonly referred to as Fire Fighting.

Fire Suppression

Our members respond to residential and commercial fires, bush and grass fires, and many other fire types. 

Fire Fighters work to safely put out the fire while saving as much as the original structure and surrounding property as possible.







Fire Rescue

Fire Fighters are the ones who run into burning buildings while others are running out. 

Unfortunately sometimes citizens get trapped in smoke filled areas.  It is the job of our members to bravely rescue individuals from fire situations.









Hazardous Materials Response

Hazardous materials travel through our City every day on trucks, semi-trailers and trains to and from industrial sites. 

Fire Fighters attend to situations involving dangerous goods such as gases, poisons, and other chemical substances that cause fire, explosions, and injuries when spilled or mishandled. 

We also clean up following motor vehicle accidents, spills, and leaks.  It is common for our members to work to clean up and neutralize material that is toxic, instable, or radioactive.




Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue members provide general rescue techniques and rope rescue.  Buildings in our city continue to grow taller and this team provides necessary expertise to rescue those who work on construction cranes and sides of tall buildings.  Our members also provide confined space rescue services to those who have become inadvertently been trapped.




Auto Extraction

At any given accident scene our members protect the scene from other vehicle traffic, address hazards such as electrical wires, ruptured gasoline tanks and other materials.  We are prepared to address any fire situations from the accident while stabilizing the vehicle and treating and removing the patient from the damaged vehicle safely.  Jaws of Life are often used in auto accidents to rescue victims from their vehicles.

Water & Ice Rescue

This team responds to surface water and ice rescue incidents.  In the summer we rescue citizens that may be in a situation where they are unable to swim in bodies of water. 

In the winter we are trained to safely rescue citizens who may fall through ice into freezing cold water.



Emergency Medical Response

Highly trained Fire Fighters respond to emergencies that involve life-threatening injuries and other medical issues.  Since Fire Fighters are strategically placed throughout the city they are often first on scene to these incidents and are able to begin care sooner than traditional responses. 






When Fire Fighters aren’t on a call duties include maintenance of fire apparatus and equipment as well as training and skill development on techniques and practices.  Rigorous physical training is maintained throughout the career of a Fire Fighter.


Support Members

Support members in our Association provide a variety of expertise to the Fire Department and residents:



A team of highly skilled Dispatchers receive communications and dispatch emergency resources.

They are the communications link between the public and fire fighters at emergency scenes. 

Within seconds of receiving a call, the dispatchers send the appropriate level of response to an emergency situation.




Public Education

Public education members educate the general public and students on fire and burn safety awareness. 

Our members take pride in delivering important educational message in an effort to prevent tragedy and a lifetime of pain and scarring.






Fire Investigations & Inspection

After a fire incident, Fire Investigators determine the origin of significant fires in an effort to help prevent similar incidents from happening.

Our members in the Fire Inspection division help to decrease the severity of uncontrolled fires by ensuring buildings in our city maintain the appropriate levels of fire safety and adherence to fire related bylaws.




Our members in the Training Division train our frontline Fire Fighter members on the latest fire fighting techniques and apparatus.








Mechanics & Maintenance

It takes great skill to ensure that the apparatus and tools are in good working order .  Our Mechanics, Maintenance, and Electrician members ensure that these items are reliable to support our Fire Fighter members during an emergency situation.





Honour Guard

The Regina Fire Fighters Local 181 Honour Guard attends formal ceremonies.  They bring tradition to our members at special fire fighting events and member funerals.  The Honour Guard regularly attends Line of Duty Death services when a brother or sister Fire Fighter takes the ultimate sacrifice and gives their life in the line of duty.  The Honour Guard also attends the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Ceremony each September.